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“Milo has crafted a version of Nannerl’s experiences with heartbreaking compassion for the artist she might have been.”

The Other Mozart CD: Best of Bandcamp Contemporary Classical“fantastical world of sound and melody … evocative … whimsical”

“Nannerl Mozart was a child prodigy like her brother Wolfgang Amadeus, but her musical career came to an end when she was 18. A one-woman play puts her back on…


“Miss Milo is quite mesmerizing… She is also quite the vixen with a sharp sense of humor… Sylvia Milo is breathtakingly beguiling as Maria Anna.”

“Beautiful? The word isn’t adequate. Unique? A cliché. Powerful? Immensely. Emotional? Deeply. Funny and fun. Sad and desperate. . . . So much brilliance in one night. . . .…


“Sylvia Milo has created a beautiful play… This is theater at its very best and not to be missed… Samantha Hoefer as Nannerl delivers a tour de force performance, utterly…


“The Gilded Cage: Origami, tulle and metaphor create a dress that is costume, cage and set piece in The Other Mozart”

“With an emotional precision that captures and rewards attention throughout, Sylvia Milo rescues Nannerl’s genius from the historical shadow of her brother’s … dazzling, original performance … superb sound design…hauntingly…


“…fascinating and irresistibly intelligent… Frenetic tremolo of a harpsichord becomes the fluttering of a fan… It is beautiful.”

“The Other Mozart is the most dynamic, theatrical, and moving one woman show I have ever seen. …breathtaking 18-foot dress…extraordinarily vivid and emotive soundscape… This show is the height of…